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Our Services


Being suspected of a crime or facing criminal charges can be a life changing situation.  Walkers & Partners are here to assist you should you be arrested, interviewed by the police or need advice or legal representation in relation to any aspect of Criminal Law.

We have a dedicated experienced team of lawyers who have vast experience in representing clients at every stage in the criminal process.


Walkers & Partners have vast experience in representing clients in relation criminal offences from; – drug offences – possession to large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs; dishonesty offences – from small scale shoplifting to large scale fraud cases and violent and sexual offences from domestic common assault, public disorder offences to rape and murder.

Our team have experience in defending clients in high profile serious cases and pride themselves on providing a specialist service to ensure the client gets the best possible outcome in what can often be a very challenging time.


Walkers & Partners have specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with this often complex area of criminal law and represent clients who face an array of motoring offences from speeding, driving a car with a mobile phone at the wheel to alcohol and drug related offences to careless driving and death by dangerous driving.

We offer fixed fee arrangements in relation to offences where you are not eligible to obtain legal aid as we recognise that legal representation could make all the difference, particularly in cases where, if convicted of a motoring offence, you face a custodial sentence or the loss of your driving licence.


Contact us today to arrange a free half hour consultation with an experienced member of our team to discuss your circumstances.